Age: Still very young at heart
CURRENT HOME: California
DEGREE: Doctorate in Metaphysical Science (the reason some of my stories have a supernatural twist).
FAVORITE WRITER: Linda Lael Miller & B. J. Daniels to name a couple.

 Claree's Plan, Book Two in my Texas Strong Series, released by Barefoot Badger Publishing, is now available in Kindle and Print versions at  I hope you will enjoy Claree and Logan's journey.

Claree May Whitney needs a husband and she needs one now. She refuses to marry a bald, drooling man three times her age with the girth of a bull, no matter the draw of the cards in a high stakes poker game. She’ll marry a man of her own choosing making null and void the marriage contract her father signed on her behalf. Yes, that’s what she’ll do and Angus MacGregor be damned. Claree puts her plan into action . . . what could go wrong?
$3.99 Kindle $11.99 Print


Writing Contemporary and Historical Romantic Suspense, Mystery, and Intrigue; sometimes with a supernatural twist.

I've been writing stories since I was big enough to hold a pencil in my hand and form letters into words. My imagination has always run rampant. 

Over the years I have sold and published 16 short stories, (7 with a co-author), and now, finally I have my debut novel published and available on 

I've set up this website to let all of you aspiring writers know, that you don't have to be published to have a professional website. It is in setting our intention, to be published, that will make it so...that and a lot of hard work and a command of the craft of writing fiction. It will happen.

If you're a writer, I hope my endeavor here will inspire you to reach for the stars. If you're a reader, I hope you'll find some of the excerpts posted to pique your interest, and now that I'm published you'll enjoy reading my first novel in print.

**Please note: Cora's Promise - Book one in the Texas Strong Series released by Barefoot Badger Publishing is available on   $2.99 Kindle  $10.99 Print


About Me

Cora's Promise, my debut short historical novel has been released from Barefoot Badger Publishing and is now available on in both Kindle version and Paperback. Please check out this feel-good story about love lost and finding family in a most unique way. Cora's Promise - Book One in the Texas Strong Series.   Thank you for your support.

​   $2.99 Kindle  $10.99 Print


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